How to Mobilize your WRT54G

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The Long, but shorter than Complete Story

Pictures (and a video clip)

Details (and source code) aka "Tech Specs"

O'Reilly's Wireless Hacks 2nd edition comes out November 1st. Look for the Wifi Car in there! This isn't self-promotion because I don't get paid per book sold. But buy it anyway!

Source code is up now. It's really quite cheap. the car's program is a merge of the GPIO program from OpenWrt, and a sample TCP server. Send it a number in ASCII (48 is 0, 49 is 1, etc.) and it'll drive in the direction of that key on a telephone keypad (2 is forward, 5 is stop, etc.)

The (sadly) vb program is kinda cheap, but cool - it's got nine boxes, one green one moves around to indicate which way you're moving. screenshot, program, and source (rar).

I'll put up more stuff. Email me!

Oh and there's a PDA version of the WifiCarDriver too, so you can drive it around without a laptop. I can't quite get the PDA version working... but when it does, recall James Bond, Tomorrow Never Dies: "Just move your finger gently across the pad..." :-D

Thanks to Erik Ranvik of for hosting the pictures and videos!

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